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I started the Krypt Pad project because I needed a way to store all my credit card and back account numbers. Some of the first prototypes consisted of only a notepad appearance, hence the name Krypt Pad. The project quickly grew as I wanted to store website account information as well. Now, Krypt Pad is capable of storing just about anything you want (except for files).

As Krypt Pad became more stable, I decided to release it for others to use as well, and now, it's available to download and use for free. I do, however, appriciate donations. Beta 4 is still lacking a lot of features, but I have plans to release more versions soon, as well as a Universal App version for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. I hope this software is of use to you, and you find it helpful in keeping track of all your sensitive stuff.

Please, as a thank-you, send a donation. Send as much as you feel Krypt Pad is worth to you.

Thanks for using Krypt Pad! - Eric

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